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released October 9, 2016

// Production Credits //

Engineered & Mixed by Matt “Spekulation” Watson
at HearBy Studios in Seattle, WA

Mastered by Homero Glez
at Floating Point Studio in Guadalajara, Mexico

Cover Photo ‘Reef Peak’ by Ray Collins

Album Artwork Designed by
Josh Rawlings

// Personnel //

Josh Ralwings (piano, vocals)
Nate Omdal (upright bass)
Adam Kessler (drums)

Gabriel Burbano (trumpet) on track 4 & 9
Jessie Sawyers (tap dancing) on track 7
Isabella Du Graf (vocals) on track 10
Emily Rawlings (vocals) on track 11

Begin Scarseth (violin)
Heather Bentley (violin)
Brianna Atwell (viola)
Nathan Whittaker (cello)
on track 6 & 11

String Arrangement for Vert Dans Le Blue
by Andrew Joslyn

Leo Rawlings (whoas) on track 12

// Song Credits //

Freja’s Song
Seatown Swing
Vert Dans Le Blue
Waltz For Andrea
You Are The Reason
Written by Josh Rawlings (ASCAP)

Bye Bye Blackbird
Written by Mort Dixon & Ray Henderson (ASCAP)

Old Man
Written by Neil Young (ASCAP)

Pastime Paradise
Written by Stevie Wonder (ASCAP)

Say It Ain’t So, Susanne, Undone - The Sweater Song
Written by Rivers Cuomo (BMI)

Smells Like Teen Spirit
Written by Nirvana (BMI)

Take Five
Written by Paul Desmond (BMI)
Lyrics by Josh Rawlings (ASCAP)

Written by Antônio Carlos Jobim (BMI)

More information available at joshrawlings.com/swell




Josh Rawlings Trio Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Take Five
Lyrics by Josh Rawlings

We arrive into the world with such a peace in our eyes
What a surprise, see the sunrise
Take a little step outside and spread those wings ‘til you fly,
soon you will glide, high in the sky

Growing up is not always smooth
Gotta find your way in the groove
Make a rocketship to the moon
Show the world the real you, that’s you
Make your mark and follow your dreams
Fears are never all that the seem
Climb the highest mountain and scream
“I just love it all!”

When the windy road ahead of you gets bumpy and worn
Don’t get forlorn, sound your horn
Take a deep inhale and feel the air that keeps you alive
Sing your song and just take five
Track Name: You Are The Reason (feat. Isabella Du Graf)
You are the reason for the love songs I think of
You are the reason why the birds sing high above
You are the reason for the flowers when they bloom
You are the reason for the sun and chance blue-moon

I'm not a scientist or scholar by trade
But the truth can't be denied when I see it in your eyes

You are the reason, this is the season
For your sweet, sweet love
Track Name: Freja's Song (feat. Emily Rawlings)
Welcome dearest Freja, we waited patiently for you.
Beautiful sweet Freja we are so in love with you.
You are a warm ray of sunshine.
Yellow flower kissed by Spring time.

Lovely little Freja your sweetness touches everyone.
Gorgeous baby Freja wrapped up in our arms with love.
You are a warm ray of sunshine.
Yellow flower kissed by Spring time.

Who’d ever known our hearts could grow ten times, it’s so sublime!
Now that you’re here looking at me you bring tears to our eyes – ahhhhh.

Darling how we love you, the joy you bring is wonderful.
Living with you in our lives makes it oh so beautiful.
You are a warm ray of sunshine.
Yellow flower kissed by Spring time.